Coordination of buildings

We perform the coordination of your projects and buildings in order to minimize all risks. Coordination includes the recommendation of correct technical solutions, organizational measures in terms of safety work and the processing of project documentation and also other necessary measures for the proper operation and preparation of construction.

Delivery of building material

If you are preparing to build a family house or you are planning construction on a smaller scale, we ensure the delivery of building materials for you according to the agreed terms. We ensure professional counseling together with the delivery of the materials.

Preparatory work

We ensure preparatory building work such as the preparation of scaffolding, securing of buildings, electrical work, waste management, telephone lines, internet connections, camera systems, cutting and paving stones and also the construction of chimneys.

Finishing work

As well as the preparatory work, finishing work is included in our company’s activities. These include, for example, stone tiles, chimney approval, roof coverings and the reconstruction of all buildings and objects.

Building management

We ensure a building’s comprehensive management for its trouble-free and continuous operations. Thanks to arranging all the activities connected with the operation of buildings, visitors and tenants will feel completely safe and comfortable.

Approval of objects

Whether it is a residential or non-residential space, we ensure the approval for the full use of the finished building for you.

About us

We are a constantly-developing company; all the provided services are done according to the customer´s individual requirements. We place an emphasis on the high quality of design in each project; the result of our work is always a satisfied customer.


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